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South Sound Services is the best choice for full-service property clean up and junk removal for homes and businesses in Tacoma and the surrounding areas.

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Our goal is to provide outstanding service with the best rates in Tacoma. We put every effort in to making our junk removal an enjoyable experience, with no stress to you or your pocketbook. In a nutshell, you get the best service at the best price.

Appointments are usually scheduled the next day, or based on customer needs, and if a rush is needed, we offer same day service. Your time is valuable and let’s face it, no one likes a 2-3-hour appointment window. We’ll give you a time and arrive within minutes of that time. So contact us when you’re ready to Clear the Clutter!

Because everyone likes to communicate differently, we quote your job, your way. Give us a call, send us a text message, send us an email, or schedule an onsite appointment. All quotes are free and have no obligation.

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Professional and Sustainable Junk Removal Services

No one wants to pile up trash or junk nor plans to store it. We assume that is also the case with you.
Do you want junk removal services? Are you planning to go green and make your places look fabulous? Then you are certainly at the right place.
South Sound Services is providing affordable junk removal services in Tacoma. Our services are affordable for everyone who plans for junk removal. We offer same-day junk removal services whenever you need them. Get out of your comfort and hire our professional team to collect your junk on the same day you want.

South Sound’s Experienced Junk Hauling Services

Our company has been providing junk hauling services for years. Our experience is our asset and is what our work team utilizes for your work.
We have an expert workforce that uses special equipment for your work and finishes the junk hauling work in time. We offer home and office junk hauling services under the same roof. Get your free quote now and you will never be disappointed with our services.

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We pick up almost anything.
Some of our Tacoma Removal Services include:

  • Trash Removal

Whenever construction work is done or you plan to remove heavy materials from your place, it is understood that there must be a pile of trash. It’s not that easy to get the trash removal service you always wanted! No more worries as we are offering trash removal services in Tacoma. We deal in regular and bulk trash removal services near you. Hire our affordable trash removal service anytime you want and let us pick that piled-up trash. 

  • Appliance Removal

South Sound Services has served its customers with its professional services. Our services also include appliance junk removal which piles up dust and you do not have plans to use. Our workers in Tacoma are trained for appliance removal and safely perform their job of old appliance removal like leaving no evidence. Contact our team now and guide you further on our appliance removal services.

  • Furniture Removal

Old furniture not only consumes space but also can be a home to many insects. There is little to no chance that you have a spare capacity to store junk furniture that you no longer have any use of. Our company offers affordable junk and old furniture removal services. We do all furniture removals projects with an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers. Hire us now to remove any junk furniture at your place!

  • Hot Tub Removal

We at South Sound Services always try to give the best to our clients. We are offering hot tub removal services in Tacoma if you want space in your restrooms or want to install a new one. Our company is providing hot tub demolition and removal services. The services we provide are top-rated and reflect our commitment to time and the quality of the world. Customer satisfaction is our only success factor. Avail our hot tub removal service now and save yourself from hot water steam.

  • Yard Waste Removal

If you recently mowed the lawn and have unwantedly piled up green waste, we can surely be on a rescue of collecting and disposing of the waste. Our team takes care of yard waste removal all around Tacoma. We are extremely nature conscious and offer this service to safely dispose of the waste away so that no insect or harmful growth occurs. Get your free quote now!

  • Junk Removal

South Sound Services is providing affordable junk removal services in Tacoma. Our services are affordable for everyone who plans for junk removal. We offer same-day junk removal services whenever you need them. Get out of your comfort and hire our professional team to collect your junk on the same day you want.

  • House Clean Out

If you have plans of moving out or just want a restoration of your home, you can contact us for a professional clean-up of your home. We offer house clean-out services and clean every corner of your place to perfection. We have specialized equipment and use safe chemicals for the clean-up process. Our services are eco-friendly and we use natural resources for cleaning. We are just near you so, hire us now!

  • Debris Removal

Piled-up dust and debris never appeal to anyone. Debris can also cause health issues if not cleaned once in a while. We offer debris removal services in Tacoma in which we inspect and remove it professionally from your place, leaving no work for you to do later. Hire our experienced workers with their full potential who make us stand out in the competition.

  • Shed Removal

If you are searching for a shed removal service for your lawns or backyards, with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers South Sound can be the best shed removal company for you. We offer professional shed removal services in which we take care of the sheds you want to remove with minimal waste and leave no work for you.

  • Rubbish Removal

Our services also include rubbing removal in which our professional workforce collects the junk and rubbish from you and safely disposes of it. We have been in this business for years and have done several projects with satisfactory responses from our clients. Feel free to contact our team if you want skilled rubbish removal services, which will provide you with a quotation of services that are required by you.

  • Scrap Metal Pick Up
  • Mattress Removal

Old mattresses tend to build homes for bed bugs. Bed bugs can cause serious health issues. Storing old mattresses is also not a good thing to do as it consumes space and provides shelter to bed bugs. Our company is offering mattress removal services in Tacoma. Call us for mattress removal if you are concerned about your health and want to have some excess amount of space.

  • Deck Removal

We are also offering deck removal services in Tacoma in which we deal with all kinds of decks. We remove wooden decks from your lawns professionally. We utilize less time and provide quality service in the quoted time. Our services speak for themselves. The services we offer are affordable and always on time that is why we are always top-rated compared to our competitors in the market

  • Estate Clean Up

South Sound Services is also offering estate clean-up services to our clients in Tacoma. We promote recycling or donations. After any tragic loss, you can call our team which will arrive on time and afterward without wasting any time will collect the things you want them to collect. Our team is professional and always serves its clients with full potential.

  • Garage Clean Out

Our junk removal and hauling services also include garage clean-out services. The quality of our work is always the highest in the market making us the best garage clean-out service provider. We offer the best rate and finish the tasks in the quoted time. Contact us for a quotation or if you want further information.

  • Foreclosure Clean Up

Whenever your property is gone under foreclosure and you want a clean-up of your place, you can contact our teams for a professional foreclosure clean-up service. We also offer hoarder clean-out services in which we offer bulk clean-up for you or your loved ones. We take care of your precious belongings and carefully organize them for you. All our services are affordable and the quality of work we provide never changes.

  • Garbage Pick Up

Why Choose Us?

As we are a professional junk removal service, our objective is to serve our clients with our full potential within available resources. We are offering services that are not only beneficial for you but also, take care of the environment by using specialist techniques and will to make nature a good place. We believe in finishing the tasks on a time and our only motivation is customer satisfaction. This is the reason we offer hassle-free services.